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beautiful photos!


The elderly volunteers at the park I pass on my way to work had already shoveled the paths and had moved on to shovelling the playground structures... Not a child in sight, but the playground must be snow-free I guess...?!


Why does the snow in Tokyo look so much prettier than the snow in Bloomington, IN? For one thing, not every thing is DEAD--how did those flowers survive?--and for another, it hasn't turned mushy slushy brown yet. Hate snow. Hate hate hate snow. But your pictures are beautiful.


I love that there is both snow and blooming flowers. Beautiful photos. Here in New York, the snow is pretty for about 10 minutes before it turns into grey mush!


I was in Tokyo when it snowed too ^^. It was my first time seeing and playing with snow. Pretty cool that it happened on the day that I was leaving ^_^. I saw a bunch of school kids playing with the snow when I was in Ueno Zoo. Though I played a bit myself too ^^.


Beautiful pics. The flowers with snow on them are unique and beautiful.


That last pic is amazing - the melting snow looks like baubles ...


I loved each and every one of these pictures .... beautiful


I miss snow. It looks like you got a great deal of it - how nice that it was still there in the morning.

Lauren Dunn

I just want to say that I enjoy viewing your travels and experiences..... I'm enthralled by Japanese culture, history, cuisine, and history. Your blog has been an interesting find for me and I will visit it often. Thank you for making this person's life happier, by seeing your pictures and hearing of your fun experiences it gives me a little happiness of my own, and helps me to imagine what it would be like to see it for myself. Thank you and may you have eternal happiness.

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